Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Best Laid Plans Gone Awry

I know it's happened to you. It just happened to me again this weekend. Started out Saturday morning with a clear goal in mind and in the course of accomplishing said goal, got so tangled in the process that it wasn't even begun by the end of the day!

Sound confusing? You have no idea.

I have decided to compile a CD of family photos to give to my kids, mostly scans of pictures I already have. The idea came to me as we drove home from seeing our new granddaughter Abigail. It occurred to me that Krista has not seen any of Marlon or Becca's baby and toddler pictures, that she doesn't know most of the extended family on the McKinnon/Gieck, Giesbrecht/Reimer sides. And since I do have the equipment and the know-how to use it, it only takes the getting to get done.

My great-uncle Ed and Grandpa Art in 1914, when they weren't nobody's uncle or granddad!

I hooked up the scanner, got my techie stuff all ready. Now, WHERE are those photo albums? Somewhere in the basement. We moved just a few months ago ... OK, it's been 7 months but that's flown by fast ... You expect me to have everything unpacked and neatly organized? Heck, I bought RoughTotes to repack the important stuff I hadn't unpacked when we sold the farm in 2001!!

There truly aren't many boxes downstairs. Just those containing yarn, fleece, fabric, books, weaving tools, spinning tools, books, fleece, yarn and fabric. Just the day before, I purchased a large steel frame storage unit with MDF shelves to store seasonal things like our camping gear, Christmas stuff and the business account archive boxes. Bryan was having a good day pain-wise so was able to help assemble the shelf unit.

Family photos we love and treasure....

I figured that seeing as I had to dig through the stacks of boxes to find the albums and photos, I'd might as well make the effort useful and get the organizing done. All the items for the shelving unit are now neatly tucked away. The other boxes are now all clearly labelled - so I don't keep having to open totes to learn the contents ("What? More yarn??"), sorted and stacked according to use and need for easy access.

That task took the better part of the day. It was a very satisfying job. I really dislike clutter - restoring order brings me great calm, kind of a 'zen' thing I suppose.

Eventually, when the basement is finished, there will be a room set up for my loom and sewing gear. Half the items now stacked in the dark corner will find a useful home in that future room; likewise the stash in the small bedroom closet upstairs ("What? More fabric??").

I enjoyed a restorative cup of tea, some reading time and then did, well I'm not sure what I did but the evening passed. It wasn't until Sunday morning that I realized I'd not scanned one single photo. In fact I hadn't even brought up an album or a package of pics from the storage boxes downstairs. I had neatly and methodically stored them away.

BUT I KNOW WHERE THEY ARE! and I can get to them!!

Quick Update on Travel Plans (for Lynnette and other vicarious travellers):

Bryan & I are going to Berlin, Germany in September to visit our 'adopted' daughter Claudia. She lived with us for a year when she was 16 and became a dearly loved member of the family.

We fly out of Calgary on 04 Sept to arrive late 05 Sept in Berlin via Heathrow (London). I've booked 2 weeks in a B&B about 8km SE of where Claudi lives now. We'll use that as base of operations but hope to get out and about, including a few days up in Denmark to visit long-time friend Christian and his family.

Spoke to Claudi on the phone Sunday morning and she's very excited. As are we. She's expecting son #2 in March and we've not yet met soon-to-be-3 son Valentin yet, nor her partner Christian (a different Christian). Her dad is planning to come up from Erfurt for a visit; not sure about mom (they're now separated). Whatever, we plan to have a grand time!

Claudia and Valentin in Berlin, taken last year.

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  1. I'd love to know the in's and out's of scanning photos. I have a so/so scanner and would love to give it a try. How about doing a tutorial when you do start the project. Now what are you going to do about the yarn you keep discovering? Any weaving on the horizon?