Sunday, January 4, 2009


Here is our newest family member. Chad took the photo when he and Becca went to visit Marlon and Krista just a day or two ago. My pics are still on film (yes I'm a dinosaur, and I left the digital at home so that makes me a dinosaur with a very little brain).

Abigail is about 2 weeks old here and trying very hard to wake up from her nap.
Auntie Rebecca and Abigail had a snuggle while she woke up. Poor little girl has been waking up in the arms of strangers all week!

She's still just a wee thing, so very very soft. Grandpa Bryan commented in awe that you forget just how tiny and soft newborns are when you haven't been around one for awhile. Abby's strong, already trying to lift her head, and has a remarkable vocal mix as Becca and Chad will attest: grunts and squeaks, mews and coos, and yes some good bellowing if her next meal is 3 seconds late.

We arrived home Friday after our road trip north to see the kids. Didn't visit friends as we'd hoped to - Bryan injured his back again (I know) much more seriously this time (I know) and is still not good at all. Now he has a compressed vertebrae. Sigh. I know.

Yesterday was a busy one for me: taking down the tree and putting away decorations, vacuuming and washing floors, running loads of laundry through the machine, and then shovelling out the driveway and yard - yes, the whole driveway and the whole gravelled area. Thank goodness I've been curling; my muscles aren't nearly as sore and aching this morning as I was anticipating.

Today there is time for contemplation of the past two weeks. Other than my husband's attempt to completely cripple himself, it was an excellent time. We were 8 for Christmas Eve/Day. My mother-in-law brought all the fixings for Christmas Eve dinner; I was home by 2pm and it was very good to have that done.

Christmas Day I made Cornish hens stuffed with traditional dressing and some with cornbread/pecan/oyster dressing (you'd have loved it Hunters & Hedemans all!)

Our holiday was
* drinks, coffee, cookies, crokinole ("Mom, Bryan's cheating" from the 58 year old brother)
* drinks, crokinole, lasagana, drinks, crokinole
* rearrange the furniture again, play DVD version of Family Feud ("Mom, James is cheating" from the 55 year old sister), movie (Dark Knight)
* coffee Royal and waffles with blueberries and cream
* phone calls to and from northern Alberta (Becca won the 'first call' prize) and southern, to and from BC, Saskatchewan, Minnesota, Manitoba and Ontario.
* Walter Brennan dusters (amazing what you can buy for $1) and 'Wild Hogs'
* peeling and cutting, chopping and stuffing, my Glenfiddich-fueled cooking
* Chinese checkers ("Grandma, Auntie's cheating" from the 25 year old) and more crokinole
* eat, eat, eat, wallow on sofas
* fireworks ("Will the RCMP care?" "The sergeant lives just there behind us, ask him." and said officer was among those cheering)
* tea and trifle made with raspberries and cream and brandy and custard; faint moans from the sofa; Scrabble for those who hadn't overindulged (she says self-righteously)
* Pirates Ho!

We went our different ways on Boxing Day - Jolene and Russ to his folks' place in Kelowna, the rest of us to Kamloops for a day with sister Dianna. Speed Scrabble and cribbage ("Fifteen - 2, pair's 4 - say it with pride, Mom!" "Twenty in our crib." WHAT?!!"). A feast of home-made perogies and Mennonite sausage, do-you-remembers, and a drive home in blowing snow ("There's a corner here somewhere. Oh, there it is.").

Mom stayed in Kamloops. James drove back to Calgary, had a run to make up north and then home to Saskatchewan for New Years. Phyllis and Gary stayed over with us one more night and then returned to Salmon Arm and Revelstoke. Bryan and I headed for the north country on dubious roads and made it to Hinton that night, GP by 10am the next day via Grande Cache, listening to audio books all the way (westerns and highly entertaining "Let's ventilate those hombres!").

Hope your holiday was filled with fun and love. Ours sure was. Back to work tomorrow but that's ok. I've many letters to respond to, a nice prospect for the evenings ahead. Bryan's already moving around better thanks to rest and powerful pharmaceuticals. Called his chiropractor in Valleyview who recommended a former classmate now practicing in Kamloops. He should get the old man mobile again.

One more Abigail photo, just 'cuz I can! Thanks, Chad.


  1. Congratulations on a beautiful baby!!!! And thanks for sharing.

  2. Congratulations! What a lucky lady you are to have such a lovely new addition to your family.