Monday, December 1, 2008

Wishin' I Was Weavin'

I was doing some Christmas shopping this morning before work (start at 11am on Mondays), looking for place mats and napkins. What a weary task! Made more frustrating by the knowledge that I have the tools and materials at home to make the very items I'm unable to find anywhere in town!!!

I really, really, really need to get my loom set up.

Yesterday did not go completely as planned. As the coffee was perking on the stove, the phone rang. Daughter Rebecca calling and sounding a bit stressed.

"Mom, Don called and said Dad fell on the ice last night and is in the hospital."

It's been raining up in the north country, covering everything in ice. He'd been to supper with Don and Renee; when he went to get into his truck, his feet went out from under him and he landed flat on his back, knocking his head on the ice. It's only a short drive to our friends' place where he's staying, but he felt faint on the way, pulled over to the side of the road and blacked out for 15 to 20 minutes. When he came to and finally got to Bev and Gerald's house, he was still very bad and so Bev called the ambulance.

They kept him in the Valleyview hospital overnight for observation, then in to QEII Hospital in Grande Prairie Sunday morning for a CT scan. Son Marlon was thankfully home, lived only 10 short minutes away from the hospital. I called him, he went over to check on his dad.

All was well - worried about his neck (being fused, it's possible he broke it) and his brain. Nothing broke or scrambled but bruised from eyebrow to ankle, and those of you who know him know there isn't any body fat to absorb the impact.

He called later that day, said he was out of Valleyview Hospital and hurting like blue blazes, but otherwise "just fine."

Hmm. When Marlon pulled up to QEII, the medivac helicopter was just taking off. His first thought was, "Oh @$&^%*, I missed Dad." It's a measure of our experiences with Bryan, accidents and hospitals that he automatically assumed Dad required emergency evacuation to Edmonton, and that he remained calm in the face of it all.

The news and ensuing wait for more news put the proposed Kelowna shopping trip on hold. Oh gee. Once I got the OK call from Marlon, I did meet up with the posse (mother-in-law and youngest sister-in-law) in Vernon. Did some looking around, picked up a few things, then they came to Falkland for supper and a sleep over.

Talked to Bryan on the phone tonight. He's doing fine, a bit sore and "walking with baby steps", he said. Moving around is better than sitting around for Mr. Gimp, even at the best of times.

We've been working on a deal with a small manufacturer in Lake Country for a sauna cabinet. The owner and Bryan came to an agreement tonight and I made the payment. It's one of their floor models; we already have a heater so just needed a shell. This one is quite lovely, made of clear cedar. I'll take a pic and post it when it's up and operating here. The guys there will break it all down into its components, then I need to drive down Monday morning before work and pick it up. That's our Christmas present for each other.

Miss Susie Cailliau and Mrs. Fay at Tanya (Gardner) and Adam Mear's wedding in August at New Fish Creek. It was a blustery day, with a rain burst just after the conclusion of the outside ceremony (Plan B? What Plan B?). Miss you guys!

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  1. Hope your husband is doing well!!! I had a great aunt and uncle from Edomton. Last name either Collette or Lessard.