Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quiet day at home

Something didn't agree with me last night. The time that should have been spent in blissful repose was instead a series of sprints to the toilet. When the alarm clock rang at 5:45am, I'd just managed to get perhaps an hour of sleep. At 7am, I called Deb at the office and said that perhaps I'd best stay home. My tummy was still fluttery, my brain dulled by lack of sleep, and quite frankly I was afraid of what might happen if I should so much as sneeze! With all the other bugs circulating that particular fishbowl, they didn't need whatever has laid me low.

It's a dull overcast day. A new layer of snow fell during the night, but there's not a breath of wind. The temperature's come up a bit, I think it's in the -15C range.

Soup is on the menu. I roasted one of the pumpkins I bought for Hallowe'en; carmelized a batch of finely chopped onion, garlic and red pepper to make the stock; scrapped the pumpkin flesh into the stock and have it simmering on the stove. Comfort food that hopefully will be kind to my GI tract.

Curled our last game before Christmas in mixed league last night. I wasn't looking forward to two hours on the ice with the temperatures being so cold outside, but it was more comfortable there than had been in the office all day. Played most of the game in shirt sleeves, and found the ice to be wet by the 5th end - at least that's my excuse for my shoddy play (funny, didn't affect the opposition skip's shots. Hmm). Yes, we got whipped but still had fun. Natural ice is always a challenge.

Got another bath robe sewn up this afternoon. Takes less than an hour on the serger. I bought 8m of soft drapery fabric on sale at FabricLand and it's working out quite fine. Messy stuff because it's woven with large diameter yarn in a somewhat loose weave. It will do for what I require, however.

Ohh, tummy still churning. No pain or fever, any of that sickie stuff. Just a propensity to make quick preemptive visits to the loo!

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