Friday, December 19, 2008

A New Granddaughter!

What an exciting day this has been! Bryan and I are brand new grandparents. Which means our son Marlon and partner Krista are new parents.

Miss Abigail Rose Giesbrecht arrived at 12:19 pm in the QEII Hospital, Grande Prairie. 12:19 on 19/12/2008. Wild, eh? And today is Marlon's 23rd birthday. Quite a gift.

I'm sorry - no photos yet.

He phoned us at just past 8am our time (9am there) to say she'd gone into labour at around 2am. Things were going ok but the doctor decided to give her an epidural. I was thinking they were in for a long day. Not so. Three hours later he called again to say she'd safely delivered of a wee girl who was alert and wide awake, getting acquainted with her mom and dad.

I can hardly wait to meet her, but we need to give them time. Marlon and Krista need to bond with her and get settled before company descends. I'm thinking (hoping) Auntie Becca and Uncle Chad can get over there before too long - Valleyview's not so far away.

Bryan made an executive decision: we are heading up to GP on the 27th, after Christmas here with some of his family, Boxing Day with his sister Dianna and family in Kamloops. Of course travel plans are dependent on weather. It's been absolutely nasty the past week and bitterly cold tonight. Wind is the worse foe, of course. We'll see.

Grocery shopping for company is mostly done. Gifts are all purchased and wrapped. 'Bout as ready as I'm going to get I guess. Learned today that an unexpected guest is coming, brother-in-law James from Saskatchewan, so we will be 9 for dinner. A nice size group. If David comes from Calgary (long shot) we will be 10 and that would be even better. Even teams for crokinole and Scrabble - be aware that those are blood sports in our house! Likewise canasta gets fairly intense. Never let it be said that this is not a competitive family.

Tomorrow we're off up the mountain to find a tree. If it's too cold, we'll just cut one from Kelly's lot next door (kidding - she might read this before then!). Promised sister-in-law Phyllis we wouldn't decorate the tree before she got here. Is she nuts? It doesn't get put up and decorated until the 24th, and as I'm at work until early afternoon of that day, she and Bryan can have at 'er. Better yet, she should be here on 12th Night to take it down.

Guess I should call it a night. Do you think I'll get much sleep? Oh, oh!! I get to sleep with a grandpa. New adventures every day.

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