Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let the Party Begin

Always tricky to take pictures of a Christmas tree - the camera flash washes out the lights and such. Phyl took this one; I'm putting hooks to ornaments, Bryan's mugging it for his sister.

I know it isn't Christmas Eve but it's close enough. There won't be enough time tomorrow to decorate the tree. I'm at work until 1pm (hopefully no later) and the rest of the family arrive throughout the day. Phyllis got here late this afternoon, so it seemed appropriate to get 'er done.

It's been a bit busy at work, for Wesley and I anyway. He has two real estate publications that need to be sent to the press tomorrow noon, and he is also covering another desk for holiday absence. I got all my stuff done and then started on his. The usual silliness - client that wants a total rebuild on a two-page layout, endless revisions for another.... worked 8-6 Monday, 6:30 - 5:30 today. I'm a bit weary. Tomorrow we'll get it all wrapped up and it'll be fine.

Just having a cup of tea with the siblings, wind down and get a good night's sleep. I'm waiting for my bread to finish (in the bread machine - don't have time to pound down a batch of bread with this crazy work schedule) and they need to sober up a bit so the snoring won't be so loud!

Miss Ava Cat, Phyllis's 15 year old tabby, is making the rounds, getting re-acquainted with the house and looking askance at the humans: "Shouldn't you be in bed?!"

Yes, Ava, we should.

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