Monday, December 15, 2008


I echo fellow local blogger/weaver Lynette: "Baby, it's COLD outside." She may have not felt the wind over in 'balmy' Coldstream but Falkland was buffeted by tremendous winds over the weekend in addition to considerable snow. It was a weekend to do northern Alberta proud.

'Course up there, it was even worse; likewise the wide open prairies are suffering the first major arctic front to assault the northern plains. Just in time for Christmas, yup.

It's -21C outside now as I write, plus windchill factor. "Oh but it never gets really cold in the Okanagan"- horse puckeys.

Bryan arrived back here just barely ahead of the front, pulling into Falkland late Friday afternoon. He said the TransCanada between Golden and Revelstoke was its usual winter self - ice covered and fun.

I know the old man's home because the fridge and pantry overfloweth. He surely does enjoy grocery shopping and cooking and eating. Which all makes it even more unfair that he's a tall skinny rack of bones while I'm broad in the beam and round all over.

On Saturday, when the snow was not too deep, Bryan was contemplating his road clearing options in lieu of a tractor. I said, "You have a tractor in the garage. It's a little one with a mower but why couldn't it work as a snowblower?" I was joking, but he took the idea seriously. The next thing I know, he's out there in his old arctic parka on the riding mower, deck up high, blade on full power, 'mowing' the snow down the driveway. Be damned if it didn't work! Sorta. Good enough for the girls he dates. He packed down the rest of it with the service truck. I took pictures but don't trust the file tranfer between this computer and the other - need to rectify that situation.

On the fibre front, it'll be a while before the loom is up and operational. At the moment, the bits and pieces of our sauna are cluttering the future weaving/sewing room. And other preliminary construction work needs to be done before said sauna is also up and operational. If it ain't one thing, it's another.

So to pass the time, I've been sewing bathrobes - quick projects that take 2 hr. max from cutting to wearing. I had the end of a bolt of polar fleece, another of heavy soft drapery fabric, both perfect for the job. The entire piece is done on the serger. I need a collection of robes for guests, particularly summer biking visitors who don't have room to pack the niceties like lounging/after shower wear. The soon-to-be-operational sauna is another reason for a supply of nekked-coverers. All the best hospitality establishments provide robes for their guests.

A very 'twilight zone' day dropped into the middle of last week. Have you had one of those, when you seem to be an observer of yourself and the events around you rather than an actual participant? Sort of an awake out-of-body experience.

The weirdness was amplified by strange things like all the photo file links dropping out from under Deb, Jordan and I. We were working on advertisement layouts when all of a sudden the computers said they couldn't find our photos, logos or links. Oh, they were still on the screen, but we couldn't send them to print. I knew I hadn't done anything, or at least I hoped I hadn't!

Deb thought perhaps our server had glitches and so we did a complete shutdown at end of day. Didn't resolve the problem and so we soldiered through the following day. I began to feel guilty, like I had done something (what's that all about?!). I had said something to Deb early in the day, "Did the name of our photo folder change?" No, she said it hadn't. But I'm a creature of habit. I can't tell you what changed, just that it didn't. It took a few hours for that to percolate through our brains. And then, almost simultaneously, the three of us looked up, at each other, and said "Someone did change the file name." The master file. The one with perhaps 5,000 photos, maybe more. Who?

Well, the mystery was solved, human error not malicious intent. Serious lesson reinforced there.

In the midst of this and other general weirdness, I checked one of my email accounts and found one of those chain letter things from a friend in Airdrie. I tend to delete them without even reading them (take note, those who send them to me!!) but for some reason I looked at this one. There was no attachment, just instructions to make a wish, scroll through the message, and then send it on to five or more friends. If you did this, said the message, expect a phone call in the number of minutes corresponding to the number double your age.

What the hell. Could be fun. So I did it. And left my cell phone on the top of my desk, just in case. And in the correct number of minutes (give or take five) I got not one but three phone calls. One was a wrong number, the second from Travis up in Valleyview (the friend who's book I helped get printed last spring) and the third a random 'hello' call from daughter Rebecca at the house phone.

Cue the Twilight Zone theme: do DO do do, do DO do do....

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