Friday, December 5, 2008

The Art of Soup

There is something magic and wonderful about a well-crafted soup, made with no recipe, only what can be scrounged from pantry and fridge. My children know the mystery of 'garbage soup': put it in the pot before it's only fit for the garbage.

Tonight it was a tomato- red pepper (capsicum, you Kiwis) and marinated artichoke hearts - carmelized onions for the stock of course, and fresh thyme and sage for the finish. A glass of good merlot, and the evening is perfect.

Two blogs in one day? Well, with husband and family far away, no TV on site and freezing rain outside, the computer is a friendly place to haunt. I was, in fact, doing some on-line shopping. Or at least that was the plan but I have as much luck there as I do in the local stores. I am so not a shopper.

The journey up Silver Star was a success in several ways. I had an enjoyable meeting with George (publishing projects in the new year - very exciting), a good lunch with him and Valerie, and a time of visiting that involved lots of laughter. The world is always a better place when it's fill with laughter.

Discretion being the better part of valour, I didn't linger in town to do any shopping, nor did I call Lynnette for a visit - it was raining quite intently when I came down the mountain (and wasn't that a fun trip) and I didn't fancy driving on an icy narrow busy-Friday-night highway in the dark.

Hence the soup, and the wine, and my little conversation with you.

I note the photo I posted this morning has some wonky colour issues. Not sure what's up with that. It's fine on my computer. Hmm.

How was your day?

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  1. The soup sounds yummy and the Merlot much better than my offered cup of tea. Seems that I should be heading your way, the fare sounds much better!