Thursday, December 4, 2008

Anybody else been having trouble with their internet server these past two days?! I think the system was overloaded with people in an uproar over our constitutional crisis. Good news, from my point of view at least, was the GG's decision to grant prorogation. At least it will give everyone time to settle down ... cooler heads and all that.

Read a good on-line commentary, to the effect that the Nativity scene on Parliament Hill was cancelled; the stable was full of a$$es but Three Wise Men were missing.

Just a quick update on things.

Bryan is fine, thanks for asking. Daughter Becca reports he's sporting a stylish neck collar as a precaution - although with fused vertebrae, his neck's not so wobbly at the best of times. He reports being black and blue from ankles to earlobes but otherwise doing just dandy.

Went curling Tuesday night for the first time in, oh, since they were still using straw brooms. Was great fun, my bad knees notwithstanding. Have a great team to play with and lots of exercise - I'm throwing lead so sweeping lots. If I recall from my dim distant past, that's why I used to skip - less sweeping!

The acquired table linens have all been washed and ironed, ready for wrapping. I'm looking at the calendar and Christmas Day swiftly approaches. I really need to get my skates on to get my purchases made and parcels sent on their way.

To my friends in Europe and NZ, cards and gifts are delayed. Sorry! Look for them sometime in, hmm, shall we say May? Just couldn't get my act together. Every Christmas seems worse than the one before on this particular topic.

I didn't get leave for the week of the 22nd, am working on Christmas Eve ("We leave a bit earlier" I was told) so preparations for our house guests will be 'interesting'. I'm really hoping Bryan gets home before the end of next week.

On the other hand, we are on 'baby alert' with the understanding I'll be flying/driving (depending on weather) to Grande Prairie sometime after Christmas. So exciting!

Falkland is all lit up from one end of town to the other. It's quite an impressive sight at night. What an interesting little place we've chosen to live in!

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