Friday, November 28, 2008

Nervous beginnings

As a 'blog virgin', this is very exciting stuff for me. I've been an avid reader of other people's blogs and wondered just how they did that - blog, that is.

And here I am!

The silly part is, I spend long days at work in the publishing business sitting in front of a computer (sometimes I even use it). To spend even more time in front of a computer at home seems the height of foolishness, but it's snowing and blowing outside and that's my excuse.

It will no doubt take time to make my blog a thing of beauty (look, mom! I did it myself) but if nothing else, it's a place to post photos for friends with very slow dial-up email. Shall I try to post a photo now? Sure.

.... and the photo is at the top of this post, so that skill will require practice. The photo is of my son Marlon and his partner Krista, and yes that's a wee baby bump showing. She's due 23 December.

OK, photo of daughter coming up.Yes! Now I know how to move a picture. Big sigh.

Hello to my friends across North America and overseas. Perhaps this will be a better forum for my long letters. If so, let me know.

For now, be patient.

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